What is Entrepreneurship Cell MANIT?

Entrepreneurship Cell NIT-Bhopal is a non-profit student organzation with the principle objective of promoting Start-Up cultureand building an entrepreneurial environment. It presents the perfect opportunity to develop mastery in skills and turning your budding blooming innovative ideas to reality providing necessary resources and expert guidance to enthusiastic students

What does E-Cell do?

We are burning with ideas and energy,and we kindle the spark in everyone waiting to right a wrong, the ones who think of solutions to commonplace problems,the ones whi cannot sit quiet until they find the answers,the Engineers who experiment and bring unconventional ideas to the table.
We know that there is a madness in all of you, E-Cell just gives you the push.

What are the major events E-cell organises?

Events like Start-Up Expo, E-Summit,Content Creation Conclave, B-Plan and many more with competitions challenging creativity,sessions from experts in respective fields have laid out the foundation for moulding and burgeoing entrepreneurial minds.

How can I be a part of E-cell?

The recruitment of Ecell begins around early march.Social media handles release the recruitment information. You can sign up and enroll in recruitment drive and thereafter clearing the interview rounds you can become a part of E-cell.

What do I gain if I be a part of E-cell?

Most importantly one gets exposure to like minded people who believe in innovating and making the most out of their talents. They learn various aspects revolving around leadership and networking which eventually benefits them become a holistically developed individual.