Entrepreneurship Cell MANIT Bhopal #makethingshappen
About Us
Entrepreneurship Cell NIT-Bhopal is a non-profit student organization that works to support and unleash the budding entrepreneurial minds and promote the start-up culture among the students. We at E-Cell link students with mentors, seekers with investors and aspiring entrepreneurs with enduring entrepreneurs. By organizing several entrepreneurship development programmes and camps, skill development workshops and speaker sessions, hosting brainstorming competitions, we aim to promote the development of knowledge-based enterprises and open doors towards opportunities in inventive areas.
Our Past Speakers
Past Events
E-Summit is the annual signature event of E-Cell NIT-B, instilling entrepreneurial spirit. The goal of E-Summit’22 was to enhance the financial education of young students and encourage startups and small businesses. The event had been a great success in guiding people and training them in their respective fields. E-Cell was honored to have the presence of renowned guests like Nisant Mohta, Rachna Suneja, Aswini Bajaj, and many more.


E-Carnival was a two-tier event consisting of Book Fair and Meme War, instilling and improving the ability of creative thinking. The Book Fair in partnership with some online bookstores was carried out to induce a reading culture among students and encourage bookselling startups. On the other hand, Meme War aimed to promote a non-conventional method of marketing using memes.


Pe-Charcha is the podcast series of E-Cell NIT-B that airs every fortnight on Youtube, ApplePodcasts, Spotify and Anchor. With intense discussion on various topics, it is the ideal podcast for the curious minds. The renowned speakers mentor aspiring enthusiasts while also sharing the experience of the speakers from a wide range of fields including Entrepreneurship, Sports, Finance, and many more.